Liight Bulb! (said in the voice of Gru from Despicable me) A few nights ago I was laying in bed half way to sleep, with apparently visions of puppet hands dancing in my head. It started with thoughts about the Bloomingstackers I had worked on that day. Then one hazy, half dream image of puppet hands kept coming up. The hands were controlled with sticksContinue reading “Puppet!”

Clay Doodle

  I doodle. I can not help it. It just happens, especially while I am on the phone. I got a phone call the other day while I was in the process of sculpting new Bloomingstackers. I was penless and paperless with clay residue all over my hands. I had the phone uncomfortably crinked between myContinue reading “Clay Doodle”

Celebrating Fall

I wrote this a couple of years ago after walking around in the sunny fall woods taking photographs. I actually did a six picture mixed media series off of it, most of which has sold now. But I found it on my computer and since these are the first few cool days of the incomingContinue reading “Celebrating Fall”

Off to Ohio.

Well I went to Ohio for a few days for this holiday weekend. I was able to visit a little of Amish country as well as stick my toes into Lake Erie. I have never seen a great lake, so I was pretty excited about that little excursion. It looked like the ocean, except theContinue reading “Off to Ohio.”

Selling Art

I had an interesting comment from a visitor at the Banner Elk Art Show. She said that she envied my talent but didn’t envy me at the same time because it must be hard selling pieces that are so much a part of you. It was a quick comment. I said, “No it’s more sharing than losing a piece.” She nodded andContinue reading “Selling Art”