Thanks Charlotte!

Well I had my last show in the Charlotte area for the next couple years. If I have to leave I am definitely leaving on a high note. We had absolutely perfect show weather-PERFECT! Mid 70’s, no rain, no wind. If only all shows could have weather like that.  After many shows of rain and windContinue reading “Thanks Charlotte!”

Bloomer Sale!!!

BLOOMER Sale Announcement!!! I can’t give these away but I am putting them on sale for $25.00ea. They sold for $78-so it’s kind of like a give away:) they are all hand sculpted and hand painted and like everything I do look even better in person. Just comment or message me to reserve yours!

Moving Sale!!!

My husband was accepted to graduate school in CA. We didn’t think we would be moving until next summer-buuut his start date got changed. So we will be moving at the end of this November (yes a month and a couple weeks!) and will be living there for about a year and a half. IContinue reading “Moving Sale!!!”

3D Clearance Sale

After much consideration I am putting all my remaining 3D pictures on clearance. I have moved on to a different style and I think it is important to have more coherence in my displays. With that said I have some really neat pieces left-they will be 50% off. I will be posting a photo ofContinue reading “3D Clearance Sale”

Good Blowing Rock Show!!

Well I finally had a good Blowing Rock show this year!! We had beautiful weather and a crowd that was looking for art.  Three originals found new homes Couper, Vined Hart and The Ties that Bind Plus many prints went out into the world. So a big thank you to everyone who continues to suppostContinue reading “Good Blowing Rock Show!!”

The ties that bind

-or “rabbity” for short:) I have one more painting to debut this Thursday! This piece is 16″x20″ with frame TBD. It is painted with watercolor over vintage letters from the 1950’s. The piece of yarn in the bottom left corner was tied to the letter in 1955-6. The woman who wrote the letter was makingContinue reading “The ties that bind”