Original Art for Sale

Original Art for Sale

These are the original art pieces that are available for sale. Some are represented by galleries and some are represented by me. Each image tells who is representing the piece. To order or receive more information please contact the gallery representing the piece. If that is me, simply email me at klc.crawford@gmail.com and I will give you all the info! Thanks. Please keep in mind that all computer monitors have different color setting, so the original may not look like what is on the screen, usually that means they look much better in person!

17 thoughts on “Original Art for Sale

  1. I bought the Panda in the boat with a buddy I think its a raccoon?? I went to SouthEast Asia and am fond of pandas and lanterns. I got it at the Williamsburg Gallery!! It’s so cute!. Hope you will do more cards they only had a few left. I love the print..its just great!!

    1. Oh yay!! It’s actually a little red panda steering the gondola 🙂 But so glad you have found my work and are enjoying it! I will be bringing more cards to the Williamsburg Gallery this month, so keep an eye out! Thanks for supporting me and a great gallery!

  2. My aunt and I really enjoyed meeting you today. Thanks for sharing your art with us. My aunt has already told her friends about her tea towel! Passing your website to our friends!

  3. I so much enjoyed meeting you in Fayetteville. Just put up the 2 prints and they’ll
    make me smile when I wake up. Just love your work. ..

  4. I love your work. I bought two prints in Monterey today, a hedgehog on a plane and a lizard on a plane. They are so adorable! I’m keeping one and the other is going to my grandson.

  5. Just saw your exhibit at The Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center & I love It! My friends & I tried to choose our favorite felted creation & couldn’t pick just one. Although, the hedge hog at the top of the list. I love your sense of whimsey.

  6. I just purchased Sea Sovereign in Monterey. I love your composition and subject matter! Everyone needs a little whimsy in their lives. Your work gives me joy. Thank you!

  7. I just saw a video about you on Our State’s website. Are you still in Fayetteville? Do you have any upcoming shows for 2019? And, in addition to your prints, do you have note cards? Your work is so imaginative and fanciful. I love your characters.

    1. Hello! Yes I am in Fayetteville NC. I have one show in April up in Richmond Va. I am working on a big project at the moment so I’m not doing a lot of shows this summer. I do have most of my prints and notecards aviable on my Etsy store. My store is called KatieCrawfordArt. And yes I do have notecards! I sell them in sets and there is a page on my website where each pack is show. The page is called cards. I also have some prints, notecards and originals available at LeClair’s General Store in Fayetteville! Thanks for checking out my work and let me know if you have any other questions!

  8. I just bought the “Will They, Won’t They” set from Cheryl’s in CA! I’m actually from Brunswick County, NC which is only a couple hours from Fayetteville! I feel in love with the tiger and felt like he needed his companions with him in my home! Couldn’t take my eyes off them! Looking forward to meeting you or attending one of your shows one day!

    1. Hello! That so exciting. I am so glad that you found Cheryl and my work! (Did you get the original set? I’d love to see a picture of them hanging. I’m so glad the three of them get to stay togther!) I look forward to meeting you one day as well. If you are on social media I am @katiecrawfordart and I try and keep posting new work and show dates. I hope you enjoy your CA trip!

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