Good Blowing Rock Show!!

Well I finally had a good Blowing Rock show this year!! We had beautiful weather and a crowd that was looking for art. ┬áThree originals found new homes Couper, Vined Hart and The Ties that Bind Plus many prints went out into the world. So a big thank you to everyone who continues to suppostContinue reading “Good Blowing Rock Show!!”

Art Vacation!

I am staying in Tenn for the week between Asheville Art in the Parks-which means I have lots of uninterrupted painting time! I have been doing a lot of business things lately; all of which are not painting! So I am using this time like a retreat. I am working on big pieces as wellContinue reading “Art Vacation!”

Rain Rain Stay Today

I am going to continue with my yellow frame theme today-this is Rain Rain Stay Today and this stout hippo has been a favorite for a number of years. I mean it’s hard to resist that belly! He is painted with watercolor and acrylic with slight writing in the background. I just had him reframedContinue reading “Rain Rain Stay Today”


This is a rooster with a lot of personality! Couper is painted with watercolor and acrylic over vintage letters and envelops from the 1950’s. He was inspired by a rooster a good friend and I met at the NC State Fair. So he has a special place in my heart. The painting measures 11″x14″ plusContinue reading “Couper”

Great Great Opening!

The Evening of Art and Wine was fantastic last night! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported me. It was great to be able to share my art with my home town! I met some great new clients, had some inspiring art conversations and just throughly enjoyed talking with everyone! It was alsoContinue reading “Great Great Opening!”

Prices and Descriptions of New Pieces

Here are photos, prices and descriptions of my newest pieces. If you have any question about them or would like to make a purchase please let me know! I will also soon have prints of these pieces available for sale as well. I will post more about the prints once I get them from theContinue reading “Prices and Descriptions of New Pieces”