Report: Charlotte Show

The day is Friday. The time: afternoon.  The Silverado steed is loaded up, clouds are rolling in and the gypsy art duo is on the move again. As we nervously check and recheck the weather report for Huntersville, NC we make fervent prayers to the art show gods and hit the pavement rolling. On todaysContinue reading “Report: Charlotte Show”


Well, what can I say…horrible show! Just plain bad. I love when I do a show just to lose money (insert sarcasm). Not many people out, hardly anyone buying anything from anyone and just not a lot of interest either. My new mouse (Take the Time) and new little frog (Amphibian Spectacles) did find aContinue reading “Charleston”

Best show of my career!

Well I should have had this post written about four days ago, but I tend to procrastinate when I want something to be good. I wait, hoping to get the inspiration to do the idea justice. In this case to adequately describe the greatest show of my career. But I just have to jump inContinue reading “Best show of my career!”

Gallery Representation

Well my trip to Wilmington on Tuesday was great. I brought work to Figments gallery as well as Checker Cab Productions. Each venue was different but they were both really cool. I would characterize Figments as a little more whimsical and Checker Cab as more edgy. But I think my work fits well in both places. MostContinue reading “Gallery Representation”

4 Shows in 3 Months!!

So I have been accepted to another Fine Arts Show in November!! When I applied to all these shows I thought for sure I would not be accepted to all of them…buuutttt I was!!! So I am excitedly anxious and now feel like I have a lot of work to do!! So on that noteContinue reading “4 Shows in 3 Months!!”