Commission Pieces

Just so I am not accused of lying and not actually doing any work I am going to post photos of the commission pieces I have been working on non-stop the past month or so:) The commissioner has seen photos of these so I am not spoiling any surprises. These aren’t great pictures of them,Continue reading “Commission Pieces”

Dragon’s Still Fly

I have been out of town for the past month, and so have fallen a bit behind on my blog posting. But I am back in town and ready to create! I am looking forward to some uninterrupted studio time. But that will be posts for later… I may have been out of the studioContinue reading “Dragon’s Still Fly”

Hermit Crabs

I promised photos of hermit crabs over a month ago…well I finally got them all edited. So here are a few pictures and my Ode the the hermit crab. I see a simple and rustic elegance in hermit crabs. They are the rough and tumble squatters of the oceans. Born homeless and soft they set adriftContinue reading “Hermit Crabs”