Robbing the Rich (dessert)

This charming vignette is the only piece I currently have painted over vintage recipe cards.  It is painted with watercolor and measures 20″x16″.  I love the colors of this piece and that cupcake looks good enough to take a bite! It is framed in a warm wood tone frame with white matting.  $495.00

New Giraffe

Here is my newest giraffe! This is an 14″x11″ original mixed media art piece. It was done with collaged high school homework papers in the background, watercolors, charcoal, and pencil. The original sells for $195.00 prints will also be available. 14″x11″ prints sell for $30.00 ea and can be found on my etsy store.

Great Show in Raleigh!!

Well I am pleased to announce that this was a really good show! Sales were pretty steady and the crowd was great. There was a complete night and day difference between this crowd and the crowd at my last show. People this weekend were friendly, interested and engaging. Overall it was just a fun showContinue reading “Great Show in Raleigh!!”