Tree Gazer

I have done a triptych “Gazer” series. It started with “Star Gazer” my little bird looking up at the stars. This is the second installment called “Tree Gazer.” It is an 14″x11″ original done with collaged high school papers, gesso, watercolor and charcoal. It is framed in a black frame with white matting. I wanted toContinue reading “Tree Gazer”

Alphabet Series

I have always wanted to do an alphabet series. Since I started with my animal paintings I thought it would be cool to do an animal alphabet series. I know there are a lot of them out there, so I wanted to pick some non-traditional animals to mix in with a few more easily recognizedContinue reading “Alphabet Series”

Rub A Dub Dub

Here is one of my newest mixed media pieces. He was done with pencil, watercolor, gesso, collaged high school homework papers, and acrylic. He is 20″x16″ and framed in a textured black frame. Original $295.00, Print 14″x11″ $30.00.

Bloomingstacker of the Day

#85-(Bird) Birds of feather flock together, as the saying goes. Bloomer # 85 liked birds so much he decided to try to make a hat so life like that the birds would let him into their flock. What he didn’t realize was that the birds liked him so much they would have accepted him intoContinue reading “Bloomingstacker of the Day”

Bloomingstacker Pets

Here are some more photos of my new Bloomingstacker Pets. Each one is signed, numbered and named. I must admit I have been having a good time coming up with names for them. They are somewhere between 1/2-2 inches. They look much bigger in the photos, so I am hoping to get some better examplesContinue reading “Bloomingstacker Pets”

New Work!

I have been sculpting up a storm the past week or so. So much so I haven’t taken the time to properly photograph everything I have been working on. But I did take a few snap shots so I could post some of it. I made twelve new Bloomingtstackers and…. I have started a new line. I am calling them BloomingstackerContinue reading “New Work!”