Moot and Wilfred

Here are two newer pieces! I don’t think they have been featured yet and I am quite fond of them:) They are both original watercolor paintings over vintage letters and envelops from the 1950’s. Both measure 14″x11″ and are framed in black frames with white matting. $225.00 each. 14″x11″ prints are available of both forContinue reading “Moot and Wilfred”

Peruvian Domestic Fauna

I was looking through the photographs I took on my trip to Peru a few years ago. I loved some of the shots I got of the local fauna:) Unfortunately I do not have many¬†opportunities¬†to use these shots-so I figured a blog post was appropriate venue to share them. Cats and dogs are the ubiquitousContinue reading “Peruvian Domestic Fauna”