Alphabet Series

All my animals are lettered!!…ok except for my poor little squirrel for S. He hasn’t been done yet. But he will be here soon.  I haven’t had the chance to finish him this week. But here are the rest of the gang. The originals are going to be sold as a whole set. $5200.00 for the entireContinue reading “Alphabet Series”

Watercolor alphabet series cont.

I have been working working working. I now have almost all animals and backgrounds done in my alphabet series. I have decided to offer prints of the series with and without the letter and name of the animal. At the moment they are are without their letters, but I will start work on those soon!Continue reading “Watercolor alphabet series cont.”

Rub A Dub Dub

Here is one of my newest mixed media pieces. He was done with pencil, watercolor, gesso, collaged high school homework papers, and acrylic. He is 20″x16″ and framed in a textured black frame. Original $295.00, Print 14″x11″ $30.00.


Prints! I am finally able to offer prints of my work. For the almost three years I have been doing art shows I only had originals. I just never though prints of 3-D pieces worked. But now with my animal paintings I have been able to get prints I am happy with. I am excitedContinue reading “Prints”

Elgin the Elephant

I have not had a lot of time to work on new pieces with this hectic show schedule I have made for myself. I have really enjoyed getting to meet so many new people and get my art out to different venues. But it has definitely been tiring. I do have a new little buddy to debuteContinue reading “Elgin the Elephant”