Festival in the Park-part 3

Ok this is the final report on the Charlotte show, I promise! Well the first two days of the show provided the comical mayhem, Sunday turned out to be a great day. It was sunny, a wonderful temperature and people came out and bought art! “The Flame,” “Edward the Rhino,” and “Pumpkin Pie” all foundContinue reading “Festival in the Park-part 3”

Festival in the Park-part 2

Saturday dawned, cooler and cloudier. The forecast had been calling for rain all week and mother nature did not disappoint. It drizzled all day. But surprisingly there were still many people out and about. So a big thanks to Charlotte for not letting a little rain ruin their (or my) day!:) I sold some printsContinue reading “Festival in the Park-part 2”

Festival in the Park

Instead of Art in the Park I have dubbed this show Art in the Dark. This was the longest show I have participated in to date! It was also one of the…most difficult, exhausting, and really fun shows I have participated in. It was a good show, filled with great people and good sales butContinue reading “Festival in the Park”