Port Warwick Show

Well I am back from the Port Warwick show. For the past two years this has been my best show. This year unfortunately did not continue the trend. Some Bloomingstackers and a few birdies and bees found new homes, but no pictures left for new horizons. It was a great crowd this year though. I throughlyContinue reading “Port Warwick Show”

Pumpkin Pictures

Pumpkin Pictures…I made these four pictures for fall. I accidentally took them to the framers before I took pictures of them, so there is a little glare on them. But I made the 3-D faces with polymer clay and then painted them with acrylic. The pictures are acrylic with stamped images and added acrylic painted pumpkins.Continue reading “Pumpkin Pictures”

More Puppets!

Since I decided I was going to keep my first puppet, it only follows that I make a few more to take with me to the Port Warwick Art and Sculpture Festival this weekend. Otherwise I think it is just selfish to not give someone else a chance to have a puppet:) These two littleContinue reading “More Puppets!”


Liight Bulb! (said in the voice of Gru from Despicable me) A few nights ago I was laying in bed half way to sleep, with apparently visions of puppet hands dancing in my head. It started with thoughts about the Bloomingstackers I had worked on that day. Then one hazy, half dream image of puppet hands kept coming up. The hands were controlled with sticksContinue reading “Puppet!”

Clay Doodle

  I doodle. I can not help it. It just happens, especially while I am on the phone. I got a phone call the other day while I was in the process of sculpting new Bloomingstackers. I was penless and paperless with clay residue all over my hands. I had the phone uncomfortably crinked between myContinue reading “Clay Doodle”

New Piece

                                                                                I have been working on a few new fall pictures and this is one of the newest. It is 12″x16″ and was created with dictionary pages, polymer clay, pastels, scanned leaves, acrylic and water-color paints.                                      Continue reading “New Piece”

Celebrating Fall

I wrote this a couple of years ago after walking around in the sunny fall woods taking photographs. I actually did a six picture mixed media series off of it, most of which has sold now. But I found it on my computer and since these are the first few cool days of the incomingContinue reading “Celebrating Fall”