Thanksgiving Break

I took a bit of a long Thanksgiving break. It was much needed and much enjoyed. I spent a lot of time photographing over break. I actually spent some time teaching my mom to take photos-off of the automatic setting that is. I have discovered in the past couple months I enjoy teaching people how […]

Fun at Fayetteville Botanical Garden

Before I began painting and going to art shows I used to spend a lot of time photographing. I carried my camera bag everywhere. It was my purse. I lugged a Nikon D300, two lenses, a flash, batteries and yes even a collapsible tri-pod-EVERYWHERE! I think it weighted at least 10 lbs. I thought of […]

Bloomingstacker of the Day

#99 Hi! Hi Hi! I am a junior member of the garden patrol. I get to wear the special helmet and go on patrols and everything! I am hoping that one day soon they will promote me to full member! I keep asking but they keep telling me that in order to get promoted I […]

Bloomingstacker of the Day

Bloomer #96 is always looking for new ways to use things. His most recent project was with toad stools. He thought it was such a waste that they were only used as places for toads to rest their bottoms. So he decided he would up cycle them into hats. It has become quite the trend […]

Bloomingstacker of the Day

#93 Bloomingstacker #93 doesn’t have much of a green thumb. He loves plants he’s just not that good at taking care of them. So he decided to collect his favorite things instead of trying to grow them. And what a collection he has. Acorns from all sorts of oak trees. He can tell you about […]