Dandy Fox

Here is “Dandy Fox” one of my newest paintings ready for Blowing Rock. He is painted with watercolor and acrylic over vintage envelops from the ’40’s and 50’s. It is framed in an antique frame. I had to take the picture at bit of a skewed angle to cut the glare, but I promise theContinue reading “Dandy Fox”

Alphabet watercolor paintings

I have been working working working. I now have almost all animals and backgrounds done in my alphabet series. I have decided to offer prints of the series with and without the letter and name of the animal. At the moment they are are without their letters, but I will start work on those soon!Continue reading “Alphabet watercolor paintings”

Alphabet series continues

I usually don’t like to post half finished pieces, but I have been working on my alphabet series in stages, so I don’t have any completely finishes pieces yet. But I thought I would post some of my progress. I have been painting, drawing or gluing for 13-16 hours a day for the last oh…weekContinue reading “Alphabet series continues”