New Otter Painting

Here is my newest painting. His marshy majesty is 24″x18″ and painted with watercolor over vintage letters and envelops from the 1950’s. He is not framed yet but he is to be framed in an old frame with 3d water lilies on it. I am still working on a name so if you have anyContinue reading “New Otter Painting”

Great Great Opening!

The Evening of Art and Wine was fantastic last night! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported me. It was great to be able to share my art with my home town! I met some great new clients, had some inspiring art conversations and just throughly enjoyed talking with everyone! It was alsoContinue reading “Great Great Opening!”

All framed up!!

I have been busily getting my new paintings together for my art opening on Thursday. I have framed some of my new big pieces in old frames and love how they have come out! This is Rosewooded Cathedral. I did a lot of work on the frame so I could keep the distressed look ofContinue reading “All framed up!!”

Courage to Create

  I posted this “blurb” on my facebook page this morning not to be a declaration of insecurity but as an encouragement to all who create. With out a whole back story a friend of mine recently said the phrase “the courage to create” and it started me thinking about my creation process. Sometimes(or manyContinue reading “Courage to Create”

Dandy Lions

Here is a new piece I have been working on. Today was the perfect rainy, cold day to stay inside and paint a warmer outside. It is 18″x24″ done with watercolor and acrylic over vintage letters and envelops from the 1950’s. It’s not a great picture-I will have a better in a few days butContinue reading “Dandy Lions”

Prices and Descriptions of New Pieces

Here are photos, prices and descriptions of my newest pieces. If you have any question about them or would like to make a purchase please let me know! I will also soon have prints of these pieces available for sale as well. I will post more about the prints once I get them from theContinue reading “Prices and Descriptions of New Pieces”