Something a bit different

I have been working on something a little different. I have wanted to do something with some fanciful furniture for awhile now. I have also been wanting to some painting with acrylic. This is my first piece in the series. I plan to do a couple chairs, a wardrobe, and a sofa to start. ButContinue reading “Something a bit different”

Thanksgiving Break

I took a bit of a long Thanksgiving break. It was much needed and much enjoyed. I spent a lot of time photographing over break. I actually spent some time teaching my mom to take photos-off of the automatic setting that is. I have discovered in the past couple months I enjoy teaching people howContinue reading “Thanksgiving Break”

September Blowing Rock Show

Well this trip was interesting. It was just as full of “adventure” and by that I mean difficulties as the last show. Unfortunately it wasn’t as good a show as last month to help off set the little adventures. My mom came with me to help this time, so that was fun. If it wouldContinue reading “September Blowing Rock Show”


I have been in Tennessee for the past few days attending a family reunion/July 4th party. It was quite enjoyable. The mountains out there are beautiful, the food was good (and quite plentiful) and the company entertaining! I also had the chance to finally give my dad a painting I had done for him as a Father’sContinue reading “Chimp”

Tree Gazer

I have done a triptych “Gazer” series. It started with “Star Gazer” my little bird looking up at the stars. This is the second installment called “Tree Gazer.” It is an 14″x11″ original done with collaged high school papers, gesso, watercolor and charcoal. It is framed in a black frame with white matting. I wanted toContinue reading “Tree Gazer”

Bloomingstacker of the Day

Hello, I am Bloomingstacker #96. It’s nice to meet you. I hope you are having a good day. It’s always a good day for me when I get to meet new people! I wore my special red flower just for this occasion. I am pretty shy when I get to a new place, but IContinue reading “Bloomingstacker of the Day”

Bloomingstacker of the Day

Bloomer #96 is always looking for new ways to use things. His most recent project was with toad stools. He thought it was such a waste that they were only used as places for toads to rest their bottoms. So he decided he would up cycle them into hats. It has become quite the trendContinue reading “Bloomingstacker of the Day”

Prints of my 3D mixed media pieces

I have had such a positive response to the prints of my animal series I thought it would be a good idea to offer prints of my 3D works as well. Most of these original pieces have already been sold, but with prints they can have a larger audience. This is the first batch I haveContinue reading “Prints of my 3D mixed media pieces”