Rain Rain Stay Today

I am going to continue with my yellow frame theme today-this is Rain Rain Stay Today and this stout hippo has been a favorite for a number of years. I mean it’s hard to resist that belly! He is painted with watercolor and acrylic with slight writing in the background. I just had him reframedContinue reading “Rain Rain Stay Today”

Studio Clearing-Sale Piece #2

I have had my last official show for the year and there are a few pieces that have been floating around my studio for awhile now. I would love to have them find a home, so I am going to feature a piece every couple days that will be available for 20% off through theContinue reading “Studio Clearing-Sale Piece #2”

Port Warwick Art and Sculpture Festival

We are off! Me, my dog and my Tardis off arting! Managed to load everything into my own car! It was a giant game of Tetris, but I won!! Set up was very squiggy to say the least. My boots were completely soaked and my little toes were shriveled. But we will be there brightContinue reading “Port Warwick Art and Sculpture Festival”

Last Blowing Rock Show of the Season

Blowing Rock, Blowing Rock, Blowing Rock, we love the area, the people are great but the sales this month were pretty scarce. A few prints did find new homes but nothing else. Set up was pretty usual, early and dark! But we made good time. My poor husband spent a large part of the morningContinue reading “Last Blowing Rock Show of the Season”