Rain Rain Stay Today

I am going to continue with my yellow frame theme today-this is Rain Rain Stay Today and this stout hippo has been a favorite for a number of years. I mean it’s hard to resist that belly! He is painted with watercolor and acrylic with slight writing in the background. I just had him reframed […]

Port Warwick Art and Sculpture Festival

We are off! Me, my dog and my Tardis off arting! Managed to load everything into my own car! It was a giant game of Tetris, but I won!! Set up was very squiggy to say the least. My boots were completely soaked and my little toes were shriveled. But we will be there bright […]

Last Blowing Rock Show of the Season

Blowing Rock, Blowing Rock, Blowing Rock, we love the area, the people are great but the sales this month were pretty scarce. A few prints did find new homes but nothing else. Set up was pretty usual, early and dark! But we made good time. My poor husband spent a large part of the morning […]