Merry Christmas

I know it is Christmas Eve but I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season. I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported me this year. It has been a good  year and that wouldn’t have happened with out all the support and appreciation people have shown. So thankContinue reading “Merry Christmas”


Well, what can I say…horrible show! Just plain bad. I love when I do a show just to lose money (insert sarcasm). Not many people out, hardly anyone buying anything from anyone and just not a lot of interest either. My new mouse (Take the Time) and new little frog (Amphibian Spectacles) did find aContinue reading “Charleston”

Post show reports!

Well October shows are done. They were a mixed bag both for sales and weather. I was in Fairfax, Va one weekend and Newport News, Va the next weekend. Fairfax was a bit of a disappointment. I met some great people and three pieces found their new home, but the crowd overall was unenthusiastic. ThereContinue reading “Post show reports!”

Work, work, work

My skin has gone pale, I do not remember what the sun looks like, my fingers are paint stained and I have eaten mostly canned soup for days but I have eleven new pieces for my next show! 🙂 I joke, I haven’t been that cruel of a task master to myself. But I haveContinue reading “Work, work, work”

Best show of my career!

Well I should have had this post written about four days ago, but I tend to procrastinate when I want something to be good. I wait, hoping to get the inspiration to do the idea justice. In this case to adequately describe the greatest show of my career. But I just have to jump inContinue reading “Best show of my career!”

Franklin Pollock

My husband and I have a habit of picking up turtles on the side of the road. As I have said in other posts we bring them home rather than just setting them aside. This spring a lucky little turtle went to work with my husband. He was dubbed “Jackson Pollock” as at least fourContinue reading “Franklin Pollock”

Animal Series Statement

Animal Series Statement This body of work was inspired by the belief that an artist’s power lies in their ability to make others see. It is this ability to reveal, both the good and the bad, that gives art the power to influence society. But I believe that if art is to have a positiveContinue reading “Animal Series Statement”