Great Show in Raleigh!!

Well I am pleased to announce that this was a really good show! Sales were pretty steady and the crowd was great. There was a complete night and day difference between this crowd and the crowd at my last show. People this weekend were friendly, interested and engaging. Overall it was just a fun showContinue reading “Great Show in Raleigh!!”

Show this Weekend!

Hey everyone, I have another show this Saturday! This is a big art show that has been put on every spring for many years now. So there will be plenty to look at. It is “Spring Daze” at Fred G. Bond Metro Park, Cary NC 9am-5pm So again if you are in NC and looking forContinue reading “Show this Weekend!”

First Show of the Season

First Show Of the Season!!!! Hello all-I just wanted to let everyone in the NC area know that my first show of the season is this weekend in Raleigh. So if anyone is looking for something to do on Saturday come on out and see me. It’s a garden and art show at private homeContinue reading “First Show of the Season”

Charlotte Show

I have my last show of the year this weekend! It is a three day show at the Convention Center in Charlotte. It is a fine art show so I should be among great vendors. I am really hoping this show goes well so I could end the year on a high point. Plus I need to makeContinue reading “Charlotte Show”

Off to a show!

  I am going to  Charlotte, NC to peddle my wares. It is a Fine Arts Festival, so I am hoping there will be great vendors and great patrons alike! My mom is going with me to this show-and since she is just the older version of me…(or technically I am the younger version ofContinue reading “Off to a show!”

State Fair!

Yep it’s that time of year again! Time for the smell of frying food and fresh manure! I have been going to state fairs for as long as I can remember. When I was little my brother and I would take a whole day off from school, my parents wouldn’t go into work and depending onContinue reading “State Fair!”