Birds in the Snow

We had a small snow shower last week. The very pretty, but melts soon kind that causes very few inconveniences:) But I could not resist taking some photos of the birds that were swarming around my bird feeder. I might have had to stand in the snow for 30-40mins with a cold, wearing pajamas andContinue reading “Birds in the Snow”

Prints of my 3D mixed media pieces

I have had such a positive response to the prints of my animal series I thought it would be a good idea to offer prints of my 3D works as well. Most of these original pieces have already been sold, but with prints they can have a larger audience. This is the first batch I haveContinue reading “Prints of my 3D mixed media pieces”

Off to a show!

  I am going to  Charlotte, NC to peddle my wares. It is a Fine Arts Festival, so I am hoping there will be great vendors and great patrons alike! My mom is going with me to this show-and since she is just the older version of me…(or technically I am the younger version ofContinue reading “Off to a show!”

Pumpkin Pictures

Pumpkin Pictures…I made these four pictures for fall. I accidentally took them to the framers before I took pictures of them, so there is a little glare on them. But I made the 3-D faces with polymer clay and then painted them with acrylic. The pictures are acrylic with stamped images and added acrylic painted pumpkins.Continue reading “Pumpkin Pictures”

Off to Ohio.

Well I went to Ohio for a few days for this holiday weekend. I was able to visit a little of Amish country as well as stick my toes into Lake Erie. I have never seen a great lake, so I was pretty excited about that little excursion. It looked like the ocean, except theContinue reading “Off to Ohio.”