Chickens. They may be winged and feathered but make no mistake they are not your average birds. These birds of the barn yard may not fly, may not tweet or sing beautiful songs but do not under estimate their beauty and character. After spending many hours photographing in the chicken tent at this years stateContinue reading “Chickens”

Hermit Crabs

I promised photos of hermit crabs over a month ago…well I finally got them all edited. So here are a few pictures and my Ode the the hermit crab. I see a simple and rustic elegance in hermit crabs. They are the rough and tumble squatters of the oceans. Born homeless and soft they set adriftContinue reading “Hermit Crabs”

Franklin Pollock

My husband and I have a habit of picking up turtles on the side of the road. As I have said in other posts we bring them home rather than just setting them aside. This spring a lucky little turtle went to work with my husband. He was dubbed “Jackson Pollock” as at least fourContinue reading “Franklin Pollock”

Artsplousure in Raleigh

I have a show this weekend! It is Raleigh’s annual Artsplousure in downtown.  The art market portion is open 11am-7pm on Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday. My booth should be located on Hargett Street. I would love to have people come out and visit! Plus if there are any pieces you are curious about theyContinue reading “Artsplousure in Raleigh”

More Peru Fauna

Well I posted my pictures of the domestic fauna yesterday, but I had some photographs of the wilder varieties that I thought I should post as well. I am just not much of a grand vista photographer. I prefer smaller subjects-and I enjoy the hunt. I stalked the chinchillas shown at Matchu Pitchu. I hid behind rocks,Continue reading “More Peru Fauna”

Peruvian Domestic Fauna

I was looking through the photographs I took on my trip to Peru a few years ago. I loved some of the shots I got of the local fauna:) Unfortunately I do not have many opportunities to use these shots-so I figured a blog post was appropriate venue to share them. Cats and dogs are the ubiquitousContinue reading “Peruvian Domestic Fauna”

Day at the Zoo

So we went to a local zoo this Saturday and had a blast. Being in a small zoo venue is quite different from the large state zoos I am used to. It was a much more intimate and interactive visit. I felt like a participant rather than an observer. Because the venue is so muchContinue reading “Day at the Zoo”