More iphone photos

I used to take pictures all the time. I would photograph things just to see what they would look like photographed. But over the past couple years that enthusiasm had ebbed away. There were things I knew I still wanted to photograph, but I just wasn’t happy with the results. I wanted to do moreContinue reading “More iphone photos”

Bloomingstacker of the Day

#86-Bloomer #86 is a live wire. He can’t keep his grin to himself. And with a set of teeth like that why would he want to? His approach to life is the more smiles and laughs the better. Every story is embellished, every outfit a riot of colors, every joke a belly jiggler. He lovesContinue reading “Bloomingstacker of the Day”

Bloomingstacker of the Day

#85-(Bird) Birds of feather flock together, as the saying goes. Bloomer # 85 liked birds so much he decided to try to make a hat so life like that the birds would let him into their flock. What he didn’t realize was that the birds liked him so much they would have accepted him intoContinue reading “Bloomingstacker of the Day”

Bloomingstacker of the Day

Bloomer #83 is keeping his own heart for the family that takes him home and gives him a name. But he also knows everyone needs a boost of heart sometimes. So on the days he has a little extra he takes that excess and hangs it from his hat. This way anyone who has needContinue reading “Bloomingstacker of the Day”

Christmas Travels

Well we had quite a busy Christmas season. In two weeks we went from North Carolina to Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Gorgia. It was great to see everyone but I don’t want to drive anywhere else for awhile:) All that driving means I haven’t worked on anything in awhile. But I did take some photographs along the way.Continue reading “Christmas Travels”

Bloomingstacker of the Day

  These Bloomingstackers were sold before I could ever feature them on the blog. So that didn’t seem fair to them. I thought they all still deserved a little lime light. So here they are!   #58-When the air turns cold and the leaves are gone it’s time for the holly to shine. Bloomingstacker #58Continue reading “Bloomingstacker of the Day”

More Photos From Charlotte Show

  My tent is the one to the left in the middle. I am not sure why me and my neighbor got assigned to these lonely little out posts of the show, but we had a good view at least!                    Here is me in my booth,Continue reading “More Photos From Charlotte Show”