Thanksgiving Break

I took a bit of a long Thanksgiving break. It was much needed and much enjoyed. I spent a lot of time photographing over break. I actually spent some time teaching my mom to take photos-off of the automatic setting that is. I have discovered in the past couple months I enjoy teaching people howContinue reading “Thanksgiving Break”

Fun at Fayetteville Botanical Garden

Before I began painting and going to art shows I used to spend a lot of time photographing. I carried my camera bag everywhere. It was my purse. I lugged a Nikon D300, two lenses, a flash, batteries and yes even a collapsible tri-pod-EVERYWHERE! I think it weighted at least 10 lbs. I thought ofContinue reading “Fun at Fayetteville Botanical Garden”

Bloomingstacker of the Day

Bloomer #90 is hoping to make his permanent home with someone who has a thumb as green as his hat. He loves plants, flowers and all the little critters that like to live in and around them. He can quite often be found amongst the vines gossiping with the snails.(Snails in case you didn’t knowContinue reading “Bloomingstacker of the Day”

First Show of the Season

First Show Of the Season!!!! Hello all-I just wanted to let everyone in the NC area know that my first show of the season is this weekend in Raleigh. So if anyone is looking for something to do on Saturday come on out and see me. It’s a garden and art show at private homeContinue reading “First Show of the Season”

Bloomingstacker of the Day

Bloomingstacker of the Day-#39 Cute, quiet and charming, this Bloomingstacker is a perfect little gentleman. He attends his duties most diligently but always saves enough time to wander among and admire the flowers. He is looking forward to having a home of his own to take care of and a family to give him his name.