Made it to Monterey!

We have made it! It was a long road with some bumps and bruises, a couple burnt bearings, head winds, ice, snow and a lot of gas stops. But there was also great scenery, pretty sunsets and some adventures to remember and laugh about (now that they are over). The adventure as a whole isn’tContinue reading “Made it to Monterey!”

Asheville Adventures

Well we are back from our sojourn to Asheville! And by we I mean the dogs and I. Both Saturdays I set up for Asheville Art in the Park in Pack Square.  Solo set ups are not my favorite. I always have to get up earlier because it takes longer-plus my husband usually does allContinue reading “Asheville Adventures”

Asheville here we come!

We are all loaded up and ready for an extended art trip. I will be in Asheville for Art in the Park this Saturday (tomorrow) and the next Saturday. I am going to spend the in between week in Tenn working on new paintings! It’s like a little art vacation and I am pretty excitedContinue reading “Asheville here we come!”

Art in the Park

Rain rain go away….It has been raining for I think the last year….ok maybe that’s just what it feels like. But it had been raining for about the last three weeks and didn’t look to be letting up anytime soon. This was the view out my back window the afternoon we left for the show.Continue reading “Art in the Park”


Artsplosure!!! This weekend we are setting up for Artsplosure in downtown Raleigh!! The weather might be a little iffy-but there is enough art to compensate:) So come on out and check out the great local art! Moore Square and City Plaza, Downtown Raleigh Saturday, May 18: 11am-7pm Sunday, May 19: 10am-5pm  

Report: Charlotte Show

The day is Friday. The time: afternoon.  The Silverado steed is loaded up, clouds are rolling in and the gypsy art duo is on the move again. As we nervously check and recheck the weather report for Huntersville, NC we make fervent prayers to the art show gods and hit the pavement rolling. On todaysContinue reading “Report: Charlotte Show”

Tiny Beauties

While the show in GA didn’t result in many sales I did have the time to take a few photos. I always bring my camera with me, just in case. I was glad I did. Sunday morning (before the rain set in) my mom and I wandered through the show looking for tiny beauties.  Continue reading “Tiny Beauties”

Trains and Rain

Well first off I can not take credit for the title to this post. My show neighbor Stan, who is an awesome photographer, coined that phrase while we were packing our damp tents into damp trucks to what was the soundtrack of the show; screeching metal wheels on metal tracks and ear drum piercing trainContinue reading “Trains and Rain”