Franklin Pollock

My husband and I have a habit of picking up turtles on the side of the road. As I have said in other posts we bring them home rather than just setting them aside. This spring a lucky little turtle went to work with my husband. He was dubbed “Jackson Pollock” as at least fourContinue reading “Franklin Pollock”

Watercolor alphabet series cont.

I have been working working working. I now have almost all animals and backgrounds done in my alphabet series. I have decided to offer prints of the series with and without the letter and name of the animal. At the moment they are are without their letters, but I will start work on those soon!Continue reading “Watercolor alphabet series cont.”

Alphabet series continues

I usually don’t like to post half finished pieces, but I have been working on my alphabet series in stages, so I don’t have any completely finishes pieces yet. But I thought I would post some of my progress. I have been painting, drawing or gluing for 13-16 hours a day for the last oh…weekContinue reading “Alphabet series continues”