Robbing the Rich (dessert)

This charming vignette is the only piece I currently have painted over vintage recipe cards.  It is painted with watercolor and measures 20″x16″.  I love the colors of this piece and that cupcake looks good enough to take a bite! It is framed in a warm wood tone frame with white matting.  $495.00

Anyone Home?

This is “Anyone Home?” -a mixed media watercolor painting done over vintage letters and envelops from the 1950’s.  I had a great time painting my bird and worm series. This is one of the few I have left.  It is 8″x10″ and is framed in a distressed barn wood frame with white acid free matting.Continue reading “Anyone Home?”

Ginny the Giraffe

This is Ginny the Giraffe.  She is painted with watercolor over vintage letters and envelops from the 1950’s. She is done on 16″x12″ gallery wrapped canvas so she does not need to be framed.  She has been quite the popular giraffe! I think it’s her bow and earrings or just that lovable expression:)  I seeContinue reading “Ginny the Giraffe”

Vined Hart

I am going to be featuring a painting every day for the next few days. I post new paintings but I feel like some of my older paintings could use a little extra love. This is Vined Hart. It is painted with watercolor over vintage letters and envelops from the 1950’s. The background is slightlyContinue reading “Vined Hart”

For the Birds

I have been putting off writing my first blog post because I wanted to have something “good” to post. I have the same problem when starting new journals-I guess I am intimidated by blank first pages. But the whole journal stays blank if you never get past the first page. So here it goes theContinue reading “For the Birds”

Christmas Orders and Deliveries

Hey everyone, if you are interested in getting anything by Christmas please order within the next few days! Just send me an I am also going to be going to the Williamsburg, VA area for Christmas. So if anyone in the surrounding areas was interested in paintings but was daunted by the shipping cost-IContinue reading “Christmas Orders and Deliveries”