Something a bit different

I have been working on something a little different. I have wanted to do something with some fanciful furniture for awhile now. I have also been wanting to some painting with acrylic. This is my first piece in the series. I plan to do a couple chairs, a wardrobe, and a sofa to start. ButContinue reading “Something a bit different”

Tree Gazer

I have done a triptych “Gazer” series. It started with “Star Gazer” my little bird looking up at the stars. This is the second installment called “Tree Gazer.” It is an 14″x11″ original done with collaged high school papers, gesso, watercolor and charcoal. It is framed in a black frame with white matting. I wanted toContinue reading “Tree Gazer”

Bloomingstacker of the Day

  Bloomingstacker #54  Hello. I am Bloomingstacker #54. I hope to one day have a name though. I love to create things and I can’t bear to see anything go to waste. So when the flowers start to loose their petals I gather them all up and start sewing costumes. I know some Bloomingstackers specializeContinue reading “Bloomingstacker of the Day”

Celebrating Fall

I wrote this a couple of years ago after walking around in the sunny fall woods taking photographs. I actually did a six picture mixed media series off of it, most of which has sold now. But I found it on my computer and since these are the first few cool days of the incomingContinue reading “Celebrating Fall”