Peruvian Domestic Fauna

Katie Crawford Art

I was looking through the photographs I took on my trip to Peru a few years ago. I loved some of the shots I got of the local fauna:) Unfortunately I do not have many opportunities to use these shots-so I figured a blog post was appropriate venue to share them.

Cats and dogs are the ubiquitous co-inhabitants of the human landscape. They have traveled with us to every portion of the globe. It is this juxtaposition of familiar animals living  unfamiliar lives that for me illuminates the “otherness” of a foreign place.  During our own human travels to these far flung locals we are prepared for the cultural differences among the humans we meet in our travels but seeing the cultural differences among the animals is surprising. They are far more “worldly” than the brands of house dogs and cats I am used to. They have daily schedules to keep which humorously reflect the humans…

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