Lazy Daze

I wasn’t expecting much from this show. Last year I sold very little-but I did win the award for painting. The result of that being a free booth space this year. So with very little in the way of expectations my husband and I set up in the steadily darkening hours of Friday night. By time we got the tent up we were reduced to hanging pictures by touch. Ok I might be exaggerating a little-we did have to find dropped hangers by touch though!

Saturday morning rolled around and I thought I would be ok getting to the show at 8:30-seeing as it started at 9:00. Well I was wrong. There were more people there at 8:30 than are at some shows in full swing! So I scrambled to get open, getting uncomfortably sweaty in the process.
But open I did! And I am glad I did-it ended up being a good show. I sold my original Savannah Meeting and lots if prints! I enjoyed talking to everyone and had my email book signed by a devout insect


I even got to have my customary post show drink at an Irish pub that served Strongbow-a drink I remember with quite a bit I nostalgia from my study abroad in London.


So thanks Cary for a good show!

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