New Pencil Needed

I have been doing quite a bit of drawing lately. My pencil has taken the brunt of the physical activity. It’s been a good pencil-the first I have really ever drawn with and been happy with the result. So here is my homage to “the pencil”-may his shortness show his worth:)


3 thoughts on “New Pencil Needed

  1. Oh, he’s a handsome pencil. I think that the shortness of their stature shows their worth. I collect all the little pencil nubs from work (school teacher) and keep them. I even composed a painting on one. Someday I want to reincarnate them all into something new.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I definitely think little pencil nubs have a lot of character. I was happy to have finally created one myself:) I checked out the painting of the little pencil-it was definitely cool! I like your use of the kid’s drawings too. I have actually been using my brothers old high school papers as background collages for my most recent series of animal paintings. I love what it brings to the background.

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