Post show reports!

Well October shows are done. They were a mixed bag both for sales and weather. I was in Fairfax, Va one weekend and Newport News, Va the next weekend.

Fairfax was a bit of a disappointment. I met some great people and three pieces found their new home, but the crowd overall was unenthusiastic. There is little quite so disheartening at a show than watching the majority of the crowd walking straight down the middle of the row looking neither left nor right…except for maybe the forecast we had for Sunday. Rain, all day. While it actually turned out a little better Sunday than the forecast called for-it was still drizzly and 40 degrees out. Not a great day for art buying, or art selling I must say. I was wearing almost every piece of clothing I had brought with me and was still chilly! Luckily we got to break down early and had packed most of the pictures by time the heavier rain set in. As we trudged back to the hotel I was profoundly grateful I didn’t have drive back home that night. My hat seemed to capture the overall mood after breakdown.


I call it “wet, bedraggled and no richer.”
The next weekend was beautiful however. Two perfect sunny days, not too hot not too cold. Sales were a little better as well but still not up to what they had been the first two years I did this show. It was better than last year though. So that was good. I also got a piece selected for judging this year! That is a first. My mixed media piece “One or the Other” was selected. The judge this year seemed to appreciate whimsy. She liked my pieces and talked with me about my background and inspiration. Some years the judges walk into my booth, sort of squint around…and walk right back out. So her response to my work was encouraging.

This show I added some material hanging from the ceiling of the booth. I just thought it needed a little color:) It seemed to get a good response and I liked it. I would like to go even more elaborate, but with the time and element restraints of out door shows, I figured this was enough:)



Thanks to all the family and friends who came out to say hi. It was great getting to see everyone. That is one of my favorite parts about doing shows near home! 🙂 Also a big thanks to my mother in law for coming and helping one day, and to my brother who, for the low price of a free meal helped me break down.(Ok he would have done it with out the dinner too:) The Journey, High Tea, and Petie the Penguin all found new homes at this show. As did some prints, a couple of my last paper mâché “birdies” and a Bloomingstacker. So as always thanks to everyone who came out to support the artists. We can not survive on creativity and inspiration alone. We do have to buy supplies and occasionally get something to eat:) So thank you to those who support us and allow us to continue to create and share our joy with others.

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