More Dragon’s

Well this is apparently the summer of the Dragonfly. I spent the long July 4th with family in Tennessee. Since most of the men of the family enjoy fishing and everyone else at leasts enjoys being outside on a beautiful day, we spent some time near a mountain lake. While they tried their best to coax some fairly uninterested fish onto a hook, I spent the day hunting dragonflies. Make no mistake it was a hunt! Those darn things would let you squat down and get close. But in the split second it took my eyes to adjust their focus from without a camera to through a view finder the dragonflies had disappeared. So I estimate I did about 100 “dragon swats.” I think it might catch on as a new workout routine. I know my legs were really sore the next day. But the chase is part of the “thrill of the hunt.” Each miss made me more determined and every successful photo fueled the adrenaline rush.

DSC_4755_edited-1 DSC_4731 DSC_4766 DSC_4777 DSC_4779_edited-1 DSC_4826_edited-1 DSC_4808 DSC_4803 DSC_4836 DSC_4857 DSC_4941

2 thoughts on “More Dragon’s

    1. Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the photos. They are intriguing insects, I loved capturing their expressions. And I agree it’s definitely easy to see how they could be seen as fairies:)

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