Retiring of the Brush

1469990_654079897978150_459204538_nSo I knew I had been doing a lot of painting-but I thought this photo really put it in perspective. The brush on the left is new and the brush on the right used to be the same size and shape not all that long ago. I have an anthropology background and have always found wear and use patterns interesting. I think it is one of the most poignant ways a physical object can show how a person uses their time and energy. I think it also imbues that object with a bit of the heart and soul of the user. So it might just be a nub of a paint brush now, but it’s been through hundreds of hours with me, been involved in many paintings that are now with numerous families and seen many a creative success and a few failures as well. And it’s still not quite time for it to retire-it is a good scrubber. But soon it will hang up it’s hat and get to spend retirement with all my short pencils (see previous post on short pencils:) )

3 thoughts on “Retiring of the Brush

  1. I really enjoyed this post Katie. I totally agree, the fact that a living thing interacted with that thing and used it creatively as a tool of expression does imbue it with incredible significance. I find even watching the paint in my tubes getting used up a bit of a sad thing. I never wash my paint towel (the one I dab brushes on while painting), maybe that’s a weird quirk but I totally relate. Great post!

    1. Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it. I think it’s an interesting subject. I like your “paint towel” I have a paint plate that I would use as a pallet with my acrylics. I used it for years without ever cleaning it. It has about over an inch of built up paint on it. I have since switched to watercolor so I don’t use it anymore. But I want to hang it on the wall one of these days:)

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