Bloomingstacker of the Day

Hand sculpted Bloomingstacker created with polymer clay and acrylic paint
Bloomingstacker #40

  Bloomingstacker #40-

Bloomingstacker #40 is a seasonal worker. His specialty is pumpkin hats, for which he is known far and wide. So in fall he spends most of his days wandering through pumpkin patches and picking out the best pumpkins from which to make his hats. Since his clientele have rather small heads he has to be pretty vigilant about making his rounds. Otherwise the pumpkins will out grow his head in a matter of days. But don’t worry he leaves plenty to grow into human sized pumpkins, but he has always been a little curious as to why more people don’t wear them as hats. So if you take him home and give him a name (which he is greatly looking forward to) don’t be alarmed if you should find a few hollowed out pumpkin halves on your door step. He is only trying to share his handicraft with you.

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