Bloomingstacker of the Day



Bloomingstacker #59
Bloomingstacker #59

#59- Acorns away! Have you ever been walking under an oak tree when a sudden shower of acorns seems to come out of no where? Well Bloomingstacker #59 just might be the culprit. He doesn’t do it on purpose of course. He would never do something like that. But sometimes, even though he is naturally shy, he just can’t help running up and down the branches of his favorite trees. He gets so excited when he is looking for acorn caps to make into hats that he doesn’t even realize he might be shaking some of them onto an unsuspecting head. So if you take him home and give him a name, just warn him when you are walking under his favorite trees and you should have nothing to worry about.


Bloomingstacker #59
Bloomingstacker #59

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